Seven Miles From Jerusalem

Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem Update

Thanks to everyone who made the Jesus Weeps For Jerusalem Fundraiser such a wild success. It was so great to see so many pilgrims from the various years come together. The prayer and musical performances were powerful. The $15,000 raised that evening was wired to the Holy Land where it was distributed during Easter Week to our friends and acquaintances in the tourism and hospitality industry who we came to know through our Seven Miles trips. They are suffering along with everyone in the Holy Land. Priority of gifts is being given to those who have families with children. Please keep praying for all of the victims of the war, especially our brothers and sisters who are heroically maintaining a Christian presence over there against all odds. We hope to see them in 2025 if we can travel there in January or May. Fr. Michael

What's in a Name?

The name Seven Miles From Jerusalem refers to the resurrection account where Jesus met two of the disciples on Easter Day (Luke 24). The loss of hope and faith in Jesus was restored after meeting the Risen Lord on the way. Like those first disciples, our pilgrims encounter Christ on their pilgrimage and return with renewed faith and hope.

Seven Miles Pilgrims Outside the Holy Sepulchre

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Our trips are generally open to young men and women between 18 and 26. Going on a pilgrimage is a life changing experience that is open to Catholics, other Christians, and non-Christians who are open to this unique experience. 

Most young people cannot afford a pilgrimage, nor would they go to the Holy Land on their own. Supporting Seven Miles From Jerusalem provides the means to bring many young people on life changing pilgrimage that bring them into deeper relationships with our Lord while also supporting Christians living in the Holy Land. Your support is an investment in the faith.

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